Deploy CUDA for ARM as Android APK

I have Ubuntu 14.04.5 installed on a 64-bit workstation. I have then followed the instructions for installing the CUDA 8.0 toolkit through the Apt package manager here:

which installs a version of Nsight (Eclipse configured for CUDA development) in my /usr/local/cuda/libnsight directory. I am not developing for my 64-bit machine so have only installed the ARMv7 cross compiler through the Apt package manager. I have verified that the cross compiler works by importing a sample CUDA project into Nsight and building using the cross-compiler. It builds and links successfully.

I have then followed the instructions here:

for installing Codeworks for Android 1R5. This process also appears to be somewhat successful installing things in the /home/NVPACK/ directory. I now have another “flavour” of Eclipse located in this directory (Eclipse configured for Android App deployment).

My issue is that I have CUDA code that a want to build into a native App which I want to then run on my Android device. I can build a native App in the Android-flavoured eclipse and build CUDA for ARMv7 in the Nsight-flavoured eclipse but don’t seem to be able to get the Android-flavoured version to also be configured to build my CUDA code. How do I go about this? Do I build the CUDA code into a native library using the Nsight-flavour then somehow link it into the native app using the Android-flavour and hope that all the runtime libraries are packaged into the Apk?

I find the documentation on anything beyond installation a bit thin but I’m convinced that this is possible.