Deploy Issue

I had an existing solution and I added the ‘Tegra-Android’ configuration. I added all coorsiponding xml files and such and when I build, the application compiles and links but when it goes into your wizard for deployment it says…

“Failed to find project output. Did you build the project?”. With an X on Deploying the application.

If I create a new project, it deploys just fine. Obviously, I’m missing something when I tried to add the configuration into an existing project.

Any ideas what I can look for? Like I said before, I believe I have the correct xml files setup for the configuration, but the error refers to ‘Project Output’ and I don’t see that anywhere except in the Visual Studio properties, of which that looks fine.

Any ideas would be very helpful.


I’m using VS 2010 and the latest Tegra-Android VS plugin.


I was able to find a solution to my problem. Turned out I had another configuration called “Debug CTR”|“Tegra-Android” in the project xml file for Visual Studio. That seemed to cause a problem, when I moved “Debug”|“Tegra-Android” above it in the xml file, for some reason that fixed my issue.

Just posting in case someone see’s this from the nVidia team. Perhaps this is a bug. If you need more info, let me know.


Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the delay with the response. We are currently tracking an issue which is caused by whitespace in configuration names. These names usually become folder names and that gives you whitespace in paths. Many NDK tools don’t play along nicely with such paths, which causes a lot of (sometimes cryptic) errors.

I’ll add your case to the issue record in our internal tracker. Thank you for the report!