Deploying Jarvis ASR Service on AWS EKS Helm Chart Issues

I followed up here but no response:

and then I tried installing the helm chart:

$ helm install --namespace jarvis jarvis .

Error: template: jarvis-api/templates/modeldeploykey.yaml:1:12: executing “jarvis-api/templates/modeldeploykey.yaml” at <len .Values.modelRepoGenerator.modelDeployKey>: error calling len: len of nil pointer

and I am getting the same error as above

$ helm fetch --username=’$oauthtoken’ --password=$NGC_API_KEY

Error: failed to fetch : 401 Unauthorized

I am using EKS and need streamline EKS instructions

Please check the below link, as they might answer your concerns

That doesn’t solve any issues I am currently facing - my issues are in regards to helm charts used for jarvis and documentation around it (see above)

instructions are here:

Hello any updates on this? Need help on this ASAP

Hi @yuvraj1,

We recommend you to post your concern on Jarvis forum to get better help. Please add Jarvis tag while posting in below link

Thank you.