Deploying keras model for the classification of pose using the using certain features

hey, I have been trying to convert my keras model to tensorrt so that it can predict on the position from an mm-wave data which are numerical data, please how do i go about it


Below is an example for your reference:

If you are working on the multimedia pipeline, below is an integration for Deepstream+OpenPose:


thanks, we are making use of ti mm_wave sensor, with just 6features to train our network, the network was trained but have not been able to deploy it on jetson nano

Can you help with that please


Keras can work on Jetson environment.
The backend can be installed with the instructions below:

Is the issue from your input sensor?


okay thanks I will try to work on it

hello, am trying to install tensorflow on jetson nano,
when i run this command sudo apt-get install python3-pip
it abort without going further what can I do

yes the input is from the sensor

Let track the following on the new Tensorflow installation problem topic.