I already re-installed the newest PGI version 16.3. I can compile the code well, but can’t run it(!!the same machine). If I ran it and get the same problem. So I put an another topic in this forum.

BTW, my license is the university permanent license.

(1)The problem shows
The PGI compiler license used to create this executable is for development
purposes only and does not include deployment rights. Please contact PGI
Sales at for information on lifting this restriction.

(2)Does “localhost” is my hostname or localhost.localdomain?
[webber@localhost ~]$ hostname

(3)Here is the flexlm.log.

10:04:28 (lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   Please Note:
10:04:28 (lmgrd) 
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   This log is intended for debug purposes only.
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   In order to capture accurate license
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   usage data into an organized repository,
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   please enable report logging. Use Flexera Software LLC's
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   software license administration  solution,
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   FlexNet Manager, to  readily gain visibility
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   into license usage data and to create
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   insightful reports on critical information like
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   license availability and usage. FlexNet Manager
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   can be fully automated to run these reports on
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   schedule and can be used to track license
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   servers and usage across a heterogeneous
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   network of servers including Windows NT, Linux
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   and UNIX. Contact Flexera Software LLC at
10:04:28 (lmgrd) for more details on how to
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   obtain an evaluation copy of FlexNet Manager
10:04:28 (lmgrd)   for your enterprise.
10:04:28 (lmgrd) 
10:04:28 (lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------
10:04:28 (lmgrd) 
10:04:28 (lmgrd) 
10:04:28 (lmgrd) FlexNet Licensing (v11.11.1.1 build 119913 x64_lsb) started on localhost.localdomain (linux) (3/30/2016)
10:04:28 (lmgrd) Copyright (c) 1988-2013 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
10:04:28 (lmgrd) World Wide Web:
10:04:28 (lmgrd) License file(s): /home/webber/opt/pgi/license.dat /opt/pgi/license.dat
10:04:28 (lmgrd) lmgrd tcp-port 27000
10:04:28 (lmgrd) Starting vendor daemons ... 
10:04:28 (lmgrd) Started pgroupd (internet tcp_port 46176 pid 7219)
10:04:28 (pgroupd) FlexNet Licensing version v11.11.1.1 build 119913 x64_lsb
10:04:28 (pgroupd) Server started on localhost.localdomain for:	
10:04:28 (pgroupd) PGI2016-701310 (consisting of:		pgfortran	
10:04:28 (pgroupd) pgcc		pgc++		pgprof)		
10:04:28 (pgroupd) EXTERNAL FILTERS are OFF
10:04:28 (lmgrd) pgroupd using TCP-port 46176
10:04:48 (pgroupd) TCP_NODELAY NOT enabled
10:04:48 (pgroupd) OUT: "PGI2016-701310" webber@localhost.localdomain  
10:04:48 (pgroupd) OUT: "pgc++" webber@localhost.localdomain  
10:04:48 (pgroupd) IN: "PGI2016-701310" webber@localhost.localdomain  
10:04:48 (pgroupd) IN: "pgc++" webber@localhost.localdomain

What’s wrong with the compiler?



The flexlm.log file will only log compilation events, and not runtime events.

Please send the license file you are using, and the following information

  1. output from
    lmutil lmhostid
  2. output from
  3. Is this a laptop?
    If yes, run
    lmutil lmhostid
    when on a network, on wifi, and on no network at all.


so we can determine what is wrong.

An additional thought - did anyone create an object or library
on a different platform with a Unidev license, and did you link to it
on your platform? That would cause this failure.


I’ve already sent an E-mail to The computer is not a laptop, but a desktop.

I use my laptop to create a Unidev license for my desktop computer. But I write the desktop information in it. Is that OK?

If you create a Unidev license on a laptop using the hostid and hostname of
the other device, the license will work on the other device.

I have received your hostid info, but not the ‘pgaccelinfo’ output, as the
compiling platform must be the machine that has the GPU attached, for Unidev executables to run.

Send the output of pgaccelinfo

If you are not compiling on the machine where
produces information about GPU you wish to use,
the executable will fail.