depmod clycle error when only add rtl8192cu driver in the kernel config file

in the Driveinstall_4.1.8.0 Beta3.0

I just add the rtl8192cu(usb_wifi_driver)(of cause I also its depend mod mac80211)

and then when I compile it, there will be three .ko files depmod clycle.

does anyone could help me to solve the problem?


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just now I have solved the problem.

the root cause is that I use the make xconfig in a wrong way.

I hope nvidia add a command :

make -C kernel O=${PWD}/out-t186ref-linux xconfig


make -C kernel O=${PWD}/out-t186ref-linux tegra_t186ref_gnu_linux_deconfig

in the “Compiling the kernel” document.

because I couldn’t find where the .config file be saved after configurating the kernel options.

Dear ???,

Thank you for your update and information.