deserialising from .RepX

Is the opportunity in physx v3.* to load not a whole collection from repx file, but a single actor? like it was in physx v2.*, where you can load just one .xml file for a particular actor using NXUStream or in the sample “Vehicle”, where you load a file “car2.raw”?

I believe you will have to load a collection with a single actor in it.


You might want to try these:


			const PxU32 nb = collection->getNbObjects();
			for(PxU32 i=0;i<nb;i++)
				PxSerializable* s = collection->getObject(i);

				case PxConcreteType::eRIGID_DYNAMIC:
					PxRigidDynamic* np = static_cast<PxRigidDynamic*>(s);