Deserialization Error on TRT6


When I deserialization a engine on Nvidia Pegasus (TRT6), I got an error.

ERROR: /home/jenkins/workspace/TensorRT/helpers/lts-1-6.3/L1_Nightly_Internal/build/source/rtSafe/coreReadArchive.h (263) - Serialization Error in readExternal: 1 (Type mismatch)

The model is worked correctly on TRT7 and TRT8. But the TRT is support up to TRT6 on Pegasus, is some way to avoid the error?

There is a custom plugin in out model. Only we include it and build with fp16, we will got the err.

Update: The output of my plugin was processed by Reshape, then passed in the transpose. If I remove the transpose op, it works.

Update: If a Tensor with shape(1, 496, 1120, 64) pass in the addShuffle layer, then pass const value “0, 3, 1, 2” into
"setFirstTranspose` .There will got the error.


Looks like you’re using an old version of the TensorRT, we recommend you to please use the latest version. These issues have been fixed in the latest version.

Thank you.