Desktop appearance and style changed drastically

I have been installing a few generic programs on my jetson to run a few projects, and when rebooting the jetson, the entire operating system has seem to change, from ubuntu style desktop and settings to more windows like, but everything i’ve downloaded is a copy of what i’ve done on other jetson machines so i am not sure what can cause this and i don’t know how to revert it. i’ll add a few pictures to show.
from my last shutdown i’ve installed Boost, asio, nlohmann json , cpp socketio. none of which should change the entire OP.
would appreciate any insight or maybe how to revert it.

Looks like somehow you triggered the mechanism to make your desktop and window manager to lxde +lightdm.

Below logic is the one to change it. You can try to revert it and set it back to gdm3.

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