Desktop hangs at 50 days


At ~50 days session uptime, the GNOME 3 desktop freezes. Mouse input and keyboard input is ignored. Windows do not resize when in this state. Restarting gnome-shell clears up the issue, but the issue comes back every 50 days.

This is currently affecting our RHEL 7 workstations, and we’ve reproduced on RHEL 8. We tested the session uptime scenario without installing the NVIDIA driver and were unable to reproduce, so we are currently leaning towards a driver issue. It sounds very similar to this old changelog entry:

2011-04-18 version 270.41.03

* Fixed a bug causing the X server to hang every 49.7 days on 32-bit

We are not using a 32-bit platform but thought it was worth referencing. We are using the 470xx driver release.

My question for the forum is what can we provide that may help troubleshoot this issue? Are there any debug settings or things I should set prior to another test? Since it takes a long time to reproduce I wanted to make sure everything was prepared.


I have a little more clarification on the uptime. The user does not need to be logged in for 50 days. We were able to reproduce by logging in around the 40 day uptime mark, leave the session running, and get the hang at 50 days.

Also, a session started after 50 days is fine. It’s the running gnome-session at 50 days that gets corrupted.

It’s a bit odd that gdm doesn’t freeze if sitting for 50 days, since it also starts a gnome-shell session. Furthermore, gdm spawns a new xserver for the user session that then doesn’t need to run 50 days to freeze.