Desktop PC not sending signal to any monitors

Hey everybody, I just built a pc a few days ago and I’m having a few issues. It appears as though power is going to the computer (fans are working, motherboard lights are on). But for some reason the graphics card isn’t delivering signal to any monitors. I have no idea what’s going on, and the graphics card has no visible damage. I’ll leave a list of the specs below, PLEASE HELP!

Case: phanteks p400
Motherboard: msi b350m gaming pro
RAM: 16 gb rip jaws V
CPU: ryzen 5 1600
Power supply: EVGA100-W1-0500-RX 500w ATX12v 80+ certified refurbished
Hard Drive: WD caviar blue 1TB 7200 RPM

Even though there isn’t visible damage to the graphics card I suspect either it or some part of the motherboard is dead. By the way, these parts were purchased DAYS AGO.

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