Desktop Resolution change has issues with CUDA

Hello All,
I have a query here regarding change of desktop resolution while a CUDA application is executing. I have observed that the CPU thread which launches the CUDA kernel freezes when resolution of desktop is changed from i.e 1600x1200 to 1200x1024.
I know that there is a warning in the manual regarding this issue. I want to ask if any of you have encountered this issue? and if yes then was any solution found for this?

Anyone from NVIDIA would like to comment on this??

My platform is windows xp 32 bits with 181.20 driver and GPU is QuadroFX 4600


Yes, I’ve just noticed this as well. For me it never returns from a cudaMemcpy and I see no way of handling the issue. I’ve tried several different ways of catching the resolution change but they don’t help. The notification from windows itself appears to be too late.

Any help here… NVIDIA???