Desktop static image freeze when one monitor turned off (and ForceCompositionPipeline enabled)


There is a long running issue with nvidia drivers on linux which not many have brought up because it’s rather unusual. Namely, whilst using a multi-monitor setup, when the ForceCompositionPipeline is enabled to get rid of tearing, when I power off one of the two displays connected, the screen left powered on will freeze. The mouse still moves, but you are shown a static image of what was on the screen before the other monitor got powered off.
When I re-power on the secondary display, the screen un-freezes and everything is back to normal.

This only happens with nvidia proprietary drivers and when ForceCompositionPipeline is enabled for any of the screens.

Machine specs and troubleshooting has been done under Manjaro forums so far and there is no reason to copy everything over, please take a peek:

In case I can provide any logs or info, I am more than happy to, just let me know!