Desoldering Audio Component on Jetson TK1

Hello all, I have a quick question.

I am am interested in desoldering the elements attaching the audio and mic ports as to reduce the profile of the board. In turn, I plan to resolder small insulated leads onto the board and onto the audio element (I can move the element and turn it sideways to make it all slimmer).

Is this feasible? Or are the leads not set through board? Perhaps the inner ones are too small?

Just curious. Thank you!

I’m not sure I completely understand what you are trying to do - but re-positioning the audio connector is definitely possible. The 9 smaller (but not small at all) connections below the connector are probably the ones you need to figure out how to correctly connect if you are planning to solder some other connector.

Yes, I am just wanting to reposition it sideways. To be clearer, I am wanting to make a little 16" capacitive linux tablet using a Jetson and several NiMH cells. The audio port is ridiculously tall, and tablets are notoriously thin. So while I understand I won’t be achieving something along the lines of an iPhone 6 thickness, it’s better than having that port stick out the back side haha.

If I understood you correctly, you are telling me I can desolder each lead and connect them with wires to the original audio component, and it will function?

Thank you so very much, by the way.

Yes, it will definitely function. Note that the signal there is analog, so you will add noise by doing that. Make sure the wires are as short as possible, and the soldering is as “clean” as possible, and the noise should be negligible.