Detail of plugin API

I have question about arguments of plugin functions.
Could you tell me the detail of the following arguments?

(1)Function: *dwSensorPlugin_createHandle
・const char *params
・dwContextHandle_t ctx
・dwSensorPluginSensorHandle_t *handle

(2)Function: *dwSensorPlugin_createSensor
・dwSALHandle_t sal

I’d like to know what to give to the arguments and how they are processed inside the function to implement them.
I’ve already checked DriveWorks SDK Webinar Video. Could you give me more detailed information about plugin implementation?

**Hardware Platform:DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
**Software Version:DRIVE Software 10
**Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04
**SDK Manager Version:

Hi @Jamie,
can you please be more explicit on your questions? what exactly is missing for you after going through the webinar for integrating custom sensors with DW and the documentation?

also, can you please provide information on what sensor are you trying to integrate with DW?


Hi @Jamie,

Besides the webinar @shayNV mentioned, you can also find the information in the APIs reference page of sensor plugin common interface (file:///usr/local/driveworks/doc/nvsdk_html/group__sensor__plugins__ext__common__group.html on your host with DRIVE Software installed).

If you are integrating custom cameras, you can check “Custom Cameras” section in “Integrating with Custom Sensors” page (file:///usr/local/driveworks/doc/nvsdk_html/sensorplugins_mainsection.html). Thanks!

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Thank you for reply.

I don’t know how to handle a series of variables named “handle”.
Are these variables have to be specified by a developper when implementing a custom plugin?
I’m going to use a 3rd party radar sensor and collecting information on how to implement plugins.

I was able to understand the meaning of the following parameters from the liknked information.

・const char *params
・dwContextHandle_t ctx

Thank you.

Hi @Jamie,
A “Handle” is an abstraction of an unknown structure/class used and managed by a closed API.
You should usually declare it as nullptr or DW_NULL_HANDLE and initialize it with the appropriate DW initialization method.
In your case, dwSensorPluginSensorHandle_t variable should be initialized through dwSensorPlugin_createHandle API.and released accordingly with dwSensorPlugin_release API.

please refer to the documentation as @VickNV mentioned above.

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