Detailed technical information on TX1 H.264 encoder

I can’t find any low-level technical details on the TX1 H.264 encoder hardware. There seems to only be data sheet level information on the web site. I am looking for functional / register-level documentation for this subsystem. Is this available?

The h264 encoder you are referring to is the omxh264enc thats coming with gstreamer and tx1/2 ?

I thought that is opensource ? OpenMax encoder.

We don’t suggest do register-level programing. Please refer to gstreamer user guide and MM APIs in main page

I’m trying to determine if the H.264 encoder in the Jetson supports region of interest (ROI) processing? I don’t see this as an option in the omxh264enc plugin element. Can you confirm the hardware does not support ROI?

Please use video converter to crop the video frame and then send it to encoder.