Detect 1.8V from external circuit Jetson nano

I have an external circuit that lights an LED that I need to detect when this LED is on. The LED has a voltage of 1.8V across it and 2.3mA through it. I don’t really care about the LED being (visibily) turned on, in other words I don’t mind shorting it, so my question is, is there a way for me to detect whether the LED is turned on or off using any of the GPIO pins on the Jetson nano ? i just need to know if there is current or voltage detected across this LED.

In other words any suggestions to know when there is a 1.8V detected from the LED ?

Note: The external circuit is a pcb and the LED is soldered on it, my only solution would be to connect something in parallel with the LED. I thought about using an LDR but I can’t gurantee that the lighting conditions will always be the same, so I am open for any suggestions. Thank you !

hello essamgouda97,

please access Jetson Nano Product Design Guide , it’s POWER_EN sending system power-on, and LED enabled after that.

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