Detect which ports have EDID File ?

I see from the samples that there are scripts to force EDID on connected ports (setEDID.ps1) or to remove those forced EDID values (unfakeEDIDall.ps1).

My challenge is that in my environment most workstations have two NVidia video cards driving a total of up to eight monitors. At times, we may have run the setEDID.ps1 or used the NVidia Control Panel to force EDIDs to some, but not all, of the monitors.

I’m looking for a way to tell whether there are some monitors attached that do not have forced EDID values. I.E. in the NVidia Control Panel, System Topology, for each video card interface we see the connected devices in the from “Connected: DELL U2413 (1 of 2), EDID (Monitor), …” or “Connected: DELL U2413 (1 of 2), EDID (File), …”.

I’d like to retrieve and show “Monitor” or “File” for each connected display using the nvwmi providers. I could not find any properties to retrieve that. Is that possible? If not through the nvwmi provider, is there a way to determine this directly from the registry?

Thanks very much for any help you can give,
Jason Walker

Hi Jason,

Currently, there is no way to query if an EDID is forced or not. We are looking into adding this functionality into NVWMI.

Ryan Park