detectNet c++ is not detecting an objects with IntelReal Sense D435

I interface intel realsense D435 with Jetson Nano. I capture color image and feed it as input to detectNet c++ function. detectNet function is not detecting any objects. It detect a small object and it says detected object is human.Below i have pasted the code. Can you please tell me where is the wrong in my code.

// include the librealsense C++ header file
#include <librealsense2/rs.hpp>

// include OpenCV header file
#include “opencv2/opencv.hpp”

#include <jetson-inference/detectNet.h>

#include <jetson-utils/videoOutput.h>

using namespace std;
using namespace cv;

#define IS_HEADLESS() “headless” // run without display
#define IS_HEADLESS() (const char*)NULL

int main(int argc, char ** argv)
commandLine cmdLine(argc, argv, IS_HEADLESS());

int imgWidth = 1280;
int imgHeight = 720;
int fps = 30;
rs2::config rs2Cfg;

uchar3* imgPtr = NULL;


 * create output stream
videoOutput* output = videoOutput::Create(cmdLine, ARG_POSITION(0));

rs2Cfg.enable_stream(RS2_STREAM_COLOR,  imgWidth, imgHeight, RS2_FORMAT_BGR8, fps);

// start pipeline
rs2::pipeline rs2Pipe;
rs2::pipeline_profile pipeline_profile = rs2Pipe.start(rs2Cfg);	

// create the detection network	
detectNet* net = detectNet::Create();	

// parse overlay flags
const uint32_t overlayFlags = detectNet::OverlayFlagsFromStr(cmdLine.GetString("overlay", "box,labels,conf"));

Mat colorFrame(imgHeight,imgWidth,CV_8UC3,cv::Scalar(0,0,0));

while (1) // Application still alive?
	// wait for frames and get frameset
	rs2::frameset rs2Frame = rs2Pipe.wait_for_frames();
	 //Get each frame
	rs2::frame color_frame = rs2Frame.get_color_frame();
	// Creating OpenCV Matrix from a color image
	Mat colorFrameTemp(Size(imgWidth, imgHeight), CV_8UC3, (void*)color_frame.get_data(), Mat::AUTO_STEP);		


	// this variable will store the confidence of the classification (between 0 and 1)
	//float confidence = 0.0;

	// detect objects in the frame
	detectNet::Detection* detections = NULL;		

	const int numDetections = net->Detect(imgPtr, imgWidth, imgHeight, &detections, overlayFlags);
	if( numDetections > 0 )
		LogVerbose("%i objects detected\n", numDetections);
		for( int n=0; n < numDetections; n++ )
			LogVerbose("detected obj %i  class #%u (%s)  confidence=%f\n", n, detections[n].ClassID, net->GetClassDesc(detections[n].ClassID), detections[n].Confidence);
			LogVerbose("bounding box %i  (%f, %f)  (%f, %f)  w=%f  h=%f\n", n, detections[n].Left, detections[n].Top, detections[n].Right, detections[n].Bottom, detections[n].Width(), detections[n].Height()); 

	//cout<< "Distance is " <<<ushort>(680,640) << endl;
	// render outputs
	if( output != NULL )
		output->Render(imgPtr, imgWidth, imgHeight);

		// update the status bar
		char str[256];
		sprintf(str, "TensorRT %i.%i.%i | %s | Network %.0f FPS", NV_TENSORRT_MAJOR, NV_TENSORRT_MINOR, NV_TENSORRT_PATCH, precisionTypeToStr(net->GetPrecision()), net->GetNetworkFPS());


	// print out timing info





Could you test the same code with other cameras or videos to check if the code can detect the object correctly?


Hi Aastall,
I checked with webcam. That is also not detecting correctly


@jaganathan.comm are you able to process some test videos with detectnet sample to confirm that the model is running correctly on your system?

Are you able to run your webcam through detectnet program ok? You might need to lower the --threshold if it isn’t detecting the objects. Alternatively, you may need to train detection model for your use-case:

I run pedestrians.mp4 in my code. I detect pedestrians only. It doesn’t detect potted plant. It detect bigger dog as baggage.
If i run parking.avi, it doesn’t detect even single car. It detect house wall as person.
If i run webcam in my code, it says small objects as person

It detect all objects, when i run (/jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin$) ./detectnet using webcam and videofiles.

Hi Dustin,
I have found the issue in my code. Problem is
// create the detection network
detectNet* net = detectNet::Create();

Now i modified the above code

detectNet* net = detectNet::Create(cmdLine);

Now it is working webcam, video input, and also intelRealSense D435


OK great, glad to hear you got it working!

I think with just the detectNet::Create() it was loading some older model, not SSD-Mobilenet.

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