Detectnet model backup availability in ISAAC ROS

I am trying to run the DNN Object Detection tutorial provided by ISAAC ROS (Tutorial for DNN Object Detection with Isaac Sim — isaac_ros_docs documentation)
In the following quickstart steps (isaac_ros_detectnet — isaac_ros_docs documentation):
I have launched the Docker container using the script and then ran the setup script to download the PeopleNet Model from NVIDIA GPU Cloud(NGC) and convert it to a .etlt file.

But once I exit from the docker container, and launch it again, the PeopleNet model is missing and I have to run the setup script again to download the model.
Is there a specific way that once I download the model in the container, it can be saved and used in the future even after exiting and restarting the container?


Hi @ashima

It depends on which folder you downloaded your model. The only volume shared with your host is in /workspaces/isaac_ros-dev. If you save a file from your container in this folder, it will be located on your host in ~/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev.