Detectnet - Mounted frames


I am doing a training test with images of types of apples, in the response of the system I am getting the squares mounted with the label.
How can I improve that answer?


Do you want to merge the bounding box?
If yes, you can check the NMS algorithm:



Yes, I want to stabilize the detection and that it recognizes with 1 single box and not 3 as shown in the attached image.

In what exact part of the code should it intervene?

Hi @agarcesc7, try decreasing the clustering threshold on this line in jetson-inference/c/detectNet.h:

By default the threshold is .75 (meaning the overlapping area needs to be >= 75% of the total area of the bounding box to be merged). So if you decrease that, it will more aggressively merge the bounding boxes.

After you change it, re-compile / re-install the code:

cd /path/to/your/jetson-inference/build
cmake ../
sudo make install

Hi Dusty. Thank you.

It worked! Is there an option to leave only the marked border and the fill without color?

Hi @agarcesc7, sorry there isn’t the option for that. You could disable the overlay entirely and draw your own bounding boxes (i.e. with openCV or similar)

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