Detects hands when parts are picked up to measure and visualize time

Time-measuring-instrument demo

Hello, the Time-measuring-instrument project was created to measure the time in the assembly process using the NVIDIA Jetson Development Kit series and WebCam.
By arranging parts in the frame part, you can visualize the time from one part to the next, find the neck process, and find opportunities for improvement.
If you are interested, please visit the following github.

github link

Thank you very much.

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Something which would make this even more interesting is if it were able to solve a version of “the traveling salesman” problem where the route the salesman takes to reach each person is minimum. That’s the bread and butter of many business problems. Imagine if your app had a way to take the measurements it finds and calculate new locations (within a limit) for boxes containing parts used in manufacture, and figure out if the part bins should be moved. Or if a part used more than once in more than one location might be best split into two bins. All of a sudden your app could be used not only for measurement, but also for design of manufacturing lines.