Dev board CSI connector lanes and latency

  1. How many lanes does the CSI connector on the Nano dev board provide?

  2. If I want low latency, would I be better off using a USB camera or a CSI camera?

Thank you.

  1. Okay, having read several forum posts I can see it is 2 lanes.

  2. I’d still like to know about latency.

CSI sensor at list 2 ~ 3 frame latency don’t know the USB though.

Is there a way to reduce this CSI latency?

I have been reading forum posts about using modified versions of argus_camera that have a very small number of frames for buffering.

I am using a global shutter camera and would like NO buffering at all. Is this possible?

What do you mean very small number of frames? Do you mean frame rate very low?
Argus may not support global shutter camera.

No, I mean high frame rate with LOW latency.

I do not want video frames to be buffered by the hardware as this would introduce latency between real life and what my algorithm sees.

OK, the 2 ~ 3 frames is the best case for the ISP pipeline currently.