dev driver 270.51, win7x64, GTX 570 installation failed

I upgraded to a shiny new evga GTX 570 HD SC, and after testing the performance in games with the WHQL 270.61 drivers, I wanted to try some CUDA and uninstalled those and tried to install the developer 270.51 drivers.

Installation fails, not even the nvidia Update will install, and I don’t know why. I’m pretty sure I got rid of the other drivers properly, but I will try again later today (takes time, especially since it wont let me try again until I reboot).

Anyone got any idea whats going on here?

While I’m here asking about CUDA, is there any way to use Cuda (4.0?) with just VS2010? I already have 2010 ultimate and express isntalled for various SDKs, and I would really like to avoid having to waste the space for VS2008…