/dev/dxg not visible using NVIDIA 471.21, CUDA 11.4, Windows 21354.1, and WSL 2 (Ubuntu,

Like the title says, I can’t see /dev/dxg from Ubuntu running via WSL 2. I manually upgraded to Windows 21354.1 build and I’m stuck on the “Release Preview Channel” rather than a “Dev” channel (due to incoming Windows 11).

Based on the CUDA+WSL docs, I believe I meet the build/kernel version criteria, but I’ve yet to successfully get my GPU visible on WSL.

I’ve seen other reports that CUDA+WSL2 works great on Windows 11, so I guess that leaves me with two questions:

  1. Is the “Dev” channel required, even though I meet the on-paper build/kernel requirements?
  2. If not, is there something missing from the NVIDIA docs? (I tried this on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 LTS install and still failed.)

Btw, the “docs” I’m referencing is this page (CUDA on WSL user guide).

So winver.exe shows build 21354? That build is known for having problems with GPU inside WSL2.
Cannot use GPU support in Windows 10 preview build 21354 · Issue #6773 · microsoft/WSL (github.com)

You will need to upgrade to latest build from dev channel which right now is windows 11 build 22000.

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