Dev kit: how to extend camera ribbon length

Currently, I’m working with the Nano dev Kit which has a CSI i/f connector. As I test some application software I’m trying to determine what my install options are for the nano relative to the camera location. So, I’m trying to determine what is my maximum distance between connector and camera?

Anything you can add regarding limits with available interfaces used with Jetson nano on customer board.


I think this may potentially depend on the specific camera.
I know I’ve used a 30 cm flex connector with the Raspberry Pi 2 camera in the past, and it’s worked.

The CSI/MIPI bus just defines certain signal integrity requirements, and not specifically the length. The length also will vary depending on how fast you run the camera (which in turn is dependent on how large the capture is and how high your frame rate is.)

Please refer to this topic for flight time request of MIPI signals. Hardware design Trace Impedance about Diff pair / Single Ended control?