Dev repo lagging the 3080ti?

Was lucky enough to get a 3080ti (barely), but it will not make the pictures go. POSTs fine, but around the time OS would load the GPU kernel the graphics stop (can’t fall back to a terminal, but sysreqs still work so the kernel is still running). It is still sending some signal because the monitor doesn’t sleep, but otherwise just a black screen.
Looking through the consumer driver search the latest version is 465.31 (confused by the dates, but nevermind) yet the repo is at 465.19
So, any word on when a compatible driver gets pushed? I really want to put this potato to work, but I really don’t want to attempt to manually transplant a central part of the dozens of interconnected cuda packages.

Looks like the latest Production Branch with 3080ti support is 460.84, New Feature Branch, 465.31, so either of those should work.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I guess my options are to wait for the repo to get a supporting version or wade into bypassing the package manager.

Where did you find that info? If I’m lucky I’ll need to know about support for the 3070ti as well in a few days.

Just entering the appropriate info at Download Drivers | NVIDIA and choosing between “Production” or “New Feature”.

3070Ti doesn’t currently seem to be an option, so maybe driver not available yet?

Ah, I had tried that page but for some reason it was and is broken for me in multiple browsers, some dropdowns reset upon selection.
Download The Latest Official GeForce Drivers works though, and now that I’ve made a more thorough check the results it shows are not links to binaries as I expected, but link to a page with more info… hoped to find a change log, but since the only accessible/most recent versions say “added support for 3080ti” presumably any prior versions won’t suffice.

I guess they’re waiting for some time closer to release to add drivers for the 3070ti… maybe then the repo will get updated? I can see why they’d opt not to push two updates within a week.

Like me, you probably block Java scripts - allowing usually gets everything working.

Correct. If you want to browse older driver info and get the drivers, use: