/dev/ttyTHS1 works intermittently with mavros

I am using Jetson Nano 4gb flashed with the ubuntu image suggested in the guide. I am using this as a companion computer with pixhawk flight controller. I using uart on /dev/ttyTHS1 to communicate between the two at a baud rate on 921600. I am using mavros v1.8.0 as a middle-ware to handle communication.

The issue I am experiencing is that the communication link is intermittent and causes undesired behavior on the pixhawk flight controller. The issue is not easily reproducible but is a critical one.

I wanted to know if there are specific issues or configurations on the uart that may cause this.


hello ashirsat ,

please have a try with having getty running on background,
for example, $ sudo /sbin/getty -a ubuntu -L 115200 ttyTHS< **port** > &