/dev/video not created in orin,but created in xavier

hi, we transplant our driver from xavier to orin. but not /dev/video or /dev/v4l-subdev nodes created in orin.
here is the result for orin and xavier,


So maybe some difference the two platform or we can need your guidance to fix our problem.

maybe I have found the difference in “vi” dts definition:
in xavier, we use :
the “vi@15c10000” not defined in tegra234-soc-host1x.dtsi, there are only “vi0@15c0000” ,“vi1@14c00000” . So which vi (vi0 or vi1) could be used correctly.

I have tried to modify the camera dts used with “tegra-capture-vi” node,but not work still. pls help me to check where there maybe misconfigured.
camera dts:
camera dts.txt (43.8 KB)
dmesg.txt (100.9 KB)

could you please see-also Camera Sensor Drivers Porting to examine your sensor driver.

Thanks. I have found out the reason, so you can close the case.