/dev/video0: No such file or directory (was working before)

I have a Jetson Nano and a usb 3 camera connected to it, was working fine, been accesing the camera through Gstreamer. After rebooting a few times the camera is not recognised anymore, it is not even listed when I do lsusb and I get this message /dev/video0: No such file or directory . The only solution I have so far is to reinstall the Jetson Nano image on the SD card which is not very practical. Any idea why this is happening ?

No idea, but when this happens I recommend:

  1. Monitor “dmesg --follow”.
  2. Ignore current dmesg content, look for changes while:
  • Unplug camera(s);
  • Plug camera(s) back in.
  1. Report the logs which are added by unplug and replug.

If you suspect there will be a problem, or if the problem now repeats after a reboot, also include the serial console boot log if you can. See:

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