Develop c++ GUI app on Jetson


I need to develop a GUI app running on Jetson Xavier, Xavier NX, TX2 dev kit using c++. Could you recommend a platform?

I heard of Qt, but the downloaded Qt installation file is for x64, nor arm(?). Also, Qt is not free.

Any other platform I can use?

Thank you very much.

By default the system boots to Ubuntu desktop. It is based on X and you may consider use it.

For reserving ram usage, may try LXDE:
Save 1GB of Memory! Use LXDE on your Jetson - JetsonHacks

Qt has both free and pay versions. The Linux KDE desktop uses the free version. What do you see from:
apt search qt | grep '^qt'

Narrow that down to this:
`apt search qt | grep ‘^qt.*-dev’

You’ll see that even some of the Qt 5 is free, but it is the older Qt 5. There are in fact arm64 versions as well, but from the actual Linux system you’ll want to find it with “apt” instead of downloading it separately. The “-dev” versions are for actual development, e.g., the package “qt4-dev”, or “qtbase5-dev”. I’m not sure what you actually need to develop, I haven’t kept up with Qt.

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