Develop camera OH01A10 driver on TX2. Cannot get the right format without eeprom

Hi everyone,
I’m working on developing camera OH01A10 on TX2. I got a pinboard without eeprom. Firstly, there is no device in /dev/ ,I remove the plugin manager and enable vi,csi in the dtsi file. Then I can use order ‘ls’ or ‘v4l2-ctl’ to find the camera.
I got error when I try to capture the raw image by v4l2. I appenx the log.
Can you tell me how to deal with this error.

dmesg_of_sysinit.txt (75.3 KB)
listening_for_gstcapture.txt (2.2 KB)
trace_log_of_nvgstcapture.txt (8.0 KB)
trace_log_of_v4l2.txt (663.4 KB)
v4l2_log.txt (775 Bytes)

The trace log tell didn’t receive any validate data from sensor.
May need to probe the signal to confirm.

Hi ShaneCCC,
Thanks for your reply.
I think we didn’t receive any data either. And I conjecture removing the eeprom cause this error but I do not know how to deal with it. I see that v4l2 can not find the driver.
Can you tell me how to do?

I don’t think EEPROM would be the key cause the capture failed.

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