Developed DigitalTachograph + ADAS based on Jetson Nano


I am trying to make DTG + ADAS All-inone product based on Jetson Nano.

I am wondering if there is S/W that supports OBD2 in Jetson Nano, and I wonder if it is possible to support LDWS, FCWS,

PDWS, HWM, Black-box service based on 30 frames.

In addition, I want to use gps, acceleration, gyro sensor and LCD touch panel. Is there a development kit that I recommend

to use the above function? I would also like to recommend a sensor and LCD touch panel that works well with Jetson Nano.

Thank you

God bless you~

Hi darkhorse954,

There is no OBD2 SW ready for Jetson Nano, also not support LDWS, FCWS due to Jetson Nano id not designed for automotive product, and not suggested due to computing power.

Can Tx2 or Xavier solve the computing power problem for the above functions?

Hi darkhorse954,

I will suggest to use our Autonomous Vehicle Development Platforms, you can find more information from