Developer board vs module compatibility

To what end the developer board and module are compatible (Jetson Xavier AGX)?
Can I use the clone the APP partition from P2822-0000 to P2888-0001?


Sorry, I cannot understand your question. APP partition has nothing to do with your carrier board.

This answers the question I suppose.
Can I also clone other “hidden” partitions from dev. board to its corresponding module?

Hi krikun.daniel,

Do you mean you connect something on your carrier board, for example… a ssd drive or a usb drive, and you want to clone it to your APP partition on that module?

Jetson Xavier AGX has models P2888-0001 and P2822-0000.

I would like to develop my application on the latter, then use with the -G flag to read the APP (and maybe other partitions) from the target and then write the images onto the former.


There is no way to develop only with a carrier board.
You must have a module connected on it. Also, all the partitions are on the module. There is no partition on the carrier board.

Keep in mind that the non-rootfs content (the non-APP content) is used for booting, but is not used at runtime (there is no BIOS on any embedded system, and so the non-rootfs content essentially replaces what the BIOS/UEFI of a PC would do). That content is also signed, and so a direct copy of the non-rootfs content would probably fail if directly copied to another system (incorrectly signed content would fail). Cloning the non-rootfs content is in a way similar to trying to clone the BIOS on a host PC…not really needed, and won’t work when copied to different hardware.

However, the rootfs itself will not care if the non-rootfs content is newly flashed. A cloned roofs/APP partition has version dependencies, but is independent of the modifications for different carrier boards…those modifications are in the non-rootfs content.

When I say “version dependencies” I mean L4T major version differences (or JetPack/SDKM version differences), not the modifications for different carrier boards. For example, L4T R28.x is from JetPack 3.x releases, and a rootfs used with that will be incompatible from L4T R32.x/JetPack4.x. Cloning from R32.x of one carrier board design to different carrier board design, will work. Using a clone of R28.x will fail when used to flash R32.x no matter which carrier board it is.