Developer Driver for GTX 460


i just got my new GTX 460. Now i tried to run my cuda code on the new device and get
an “unspecified driver error” when calling a function that is encapsulated within the CUDA_SAFE_CALL Makro…

I assume that this is because there is no developer driver available yet that supports the 460. Or am i wrong?
If i’m not, are there any information available about when this driver will be available for download?
Or is this error message not related to what i assume?

At the moment i am using the 258.96 Driver available from download area on a Win7 x64 Machine…

kind regards


This error message does not necessarily imply that something is wrong with the driver - it could just as well be a problme in your code. Try to run a few samples from the SDK to see whether your installation is working properly.

Thanks for your reply. When i get home i will try this but i would be suprised if this would be the case.
(Well in fact it wouldn’t be the first time that i’m suprised by something in this context ;-))

The code does run as is on a Quadro FX 5800. And when i just remove the Makro from the source code the program
also runs on the gtx 460(Sorry i’ve forgotten to mention that in the initial post).

Thats why i suggest, that the Makro itself is causing the “unspecified driver error”.
(mmh. it comes to my mind that i didn’t change the target compute capability within the cmakeLists file. althoug
it should not be the cause of this error i will try this as well…)


Are you suggesting that you get correct results if you remove the CUDA_SAFE_CALL macro? I’d rather expect that your program just silently fails, since you removed the error reporting mechanism.

That would certainly explain your problems.