Developer user account is locked


I’m trying desparetly to log into SDK manager so I can install Jetpack 4.2 on my TX2. However, I can’t log in because my account (pcdangio6) is locked. Can somebody from NVIDIA please help me out? Thanks!

Hi pcdangio,

If you’ve used your Google, Facebook, wechat or qq account credentials to sign-up at, you will not be able to use these credentials to login to NVIDIA SDK Manager.

Please create a new account without using these social services.


I have the same problem.

How can I remove my account and start a new one?

Since the Google e-mail is used for my account, I cannot open a new one with my e-mail …


Hi Izzy,

Have you tried removing your account through Nvidia Privacy Center?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page after you are logged in. You will see an option to “Delete My Data”.