Developing ReShade Shaders for 360 cameras

I’ve been playing around with some of the post-processing shaders in Omniverse Create which come with Machinima Beta. Particularly the Borderlands cartoon shader as a kind of sketchy, draft look-dev for projects. I’m attempting to use it for a 360 capture shot, however, the generated outlines do not work on a 360 fisheyespherical camera lens. The effect works fine using a pinhole projection, and does work on the front-facing 180° of the spherical lens, but not the rear half.

From what I can tell the “GetLinearizedDepth” function in the Cartoon.fx file the shader relies on only applies to anything “in front” of the camera. Any guidance on what I need to do to develop this shader further to function for 360° captures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @liam.c! I’ve asked for some help from the devs. We should hear back shortly!

Thanks for the help Wendy, just wanted to follow through with my query. Let me know if there’s anyone I can speak to about developing shader files for production use, look forward to hearing back from you guys.

Hi Liam! I think you got what’s going on just right - currently rendering in Machinima will only pass the depth in front of the camera to the Reshade. You could look up what’s exactly going on inside the GerLinearizedDepth in the ReShade.fxh.
However, most of the cartoon-style shaders in Machinima use screenspace edge detection of either color or depth buffers, so, probably, doing it over lat-long image that is supposed to be reprojected later isn’t the best idea - such filter better be applied after the reprojection.

Thanks for responding! Regarding applying the filter after the reprojection, how would this best be achieved? In Omniverse Create I have the option to add shaders in the ReShade menu, but no options to tweak to adjust when it has been applied. If you could elaborate on how that would be achieved it’d be really appreciated. Thanks!