[DEVELOPMENT BLOCKER BY DRIVER] Cannot run CUDA 4.0 on Lenovo Y550 + GT240M

Since the 267.xx drivers, I cannot install any of the latest drivers on my Lenovo Y550 + GT240M + Windows 7 64-bit setup and there have been several threads started on this issue.

In one of the threads, ManuelG mentioned that he has filed a bug for this.

I would be grateful if the bug fixing process could be expedited because this is a development blocker for me. I am trying to test my CUDA 4.0 application on this laptop setup but because of the driver issue, I am blocked.

Please help.

Looks like you guys are also not interested to help unblock me.

Maybe it is more notebook vendor problem, also driver problem, it is not cuda problem, cause you just could not install video driver. If you want to run your application, use early version of cuda. If you want to develop, change machine.

Without using a driver version that supports CUDA 4.0, you cannot run CUDA programs that use CUDA 4.0 features.

Changing machines? That is not an option.

I understand it is frustrating, but unfortunately there is little can we do about your problem. If your vendor decides to disallow installation of the generic driver, and doesn’t provide updates of the customized one, it is the vendor that is blocking you from using CUDA, not Nvidia.

Having said that, maybe you are able to find a driver on this site: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/drivers
Sometimes it is possible to run the generic driver with just a change to the device id in the info files:

Problem still unsolved.