Development environment on Linux -- for CUDA version > 10.1

I was using NsightEE (Eclipse edition) with CUDA 10.1.
Then I installed cuda 11.2 which apparently comes only with the eclipse plugin
it says:

  • Nsight Eclipse Edition standalone is deprecated in CUDA 10.1, and will be dropped in the release that immediately follows CUDA 10.1.)

So is it true to say that my only possible development environment is to run eclipse and install these NsightEE plugins?

Or is there another option for developing cuda projects on linux (with CUDA version > 10.1)?

I installed the plugins in eclipse but unlike before I migrated to cuda 11.2, when I create a new project I now do not see the option of creating a CUDA project. I just see the standard projects that come in eclipse.

Actually, I did find now the type CUDA project under C Project.
But pertaining to my other question, is there another IDE for CUDA on Linux ?