Development help Please

Hi, we are a small team who operates via discord Open RT and we are trying to make use of the microsoft surface 1 and 2 ARM32 versions. The tegra30 and tegra 114.

We need help.

We would like to see these devices running linux with full hardware compatibility on mainline kernels.

We have successfully ported android to both devices using the downstream kernels.

Also we have exploited the UEFI to boot u-boot , but we are struggling to get more than one core running this way.

here is the youtube channel to show our work done,

here is our uefi exploit GitHub - wmjb/surface-rt-uefi-u-boot-exploit: surface-rt-uefi-u-boot-exploit for booting surface-rt-uefi-u-boot from uefi

main repo Open Surface RT · GitHub

We need help. These wonderful devices should not end up in the bin.

Please, any help at all.