Development to Honda

Hi guys! Recently I buy a Honda HR-V with a multimida central powered by Android 4.0.4 and Tegra. I want to install APKs using ADB and develop my owns apps to run directly on it.

The problem is: when I connect one of two USB ports of vehicle in my PC, its is not reconized has a plug-n-play and do not appears in Device Manager.

I have installed only the “Tegra USB driver” of TADP 4.0r1, because I already have ADB from default Android SDK package of Google (Android Studio).

Someone knows if I needle to install anything more??? Please, I thanks for any help.

Hi User Rain_Maker,

I suggest you Install the Google USB driver first. And please reference the docs in the NVPACK\Drivers\How_to_install_Drivers.pdf to manually install the USB Driver .
Any more question, please let me know.


Hi @Rain_Maker

Did you manage to connect via ADB to your Honda? I recently bought a CR-V and I’d also like to develop my own apps.