Developp native application


I would like to develop application on my shield tablet.

So I download the tutorial zip file on this page :

When I look at the example on html file I get that :

The NativeCamera project

The NativeCamera project is a simple app built using the GameWorks OpenGL application framework. This framework, distributed with TADP 3.0r2 and later, allows cross-platform development of OpenGL application, and provides utilities to create UIs.

    Verify that you have GameWorks under NVPACK/Samples/GameWorks_Samples. If you don’t, download TADP 3.0r2 or later to get these installed. You could also download GameWorks separately, but you will need to fix some path references in the files. On Linux, you will need build the GameWorks samples for the necessary libraries to be created:

    NVPACK/Samples/GameWorks_Samples/samples/build/makeandroid> make

    Locate tutorials/NativeCamera inside the tutorials source tree.

But in my TADP file I don’t have GameWorks_Samples folder I just have a TDK_Samples folder.

How this could be possible? Where should I get the makeandroid file to be able to compile the native camera 2 project?

Best regard.