Device control with the xavier nx using ppm guidance and help

hello. I wish to connect a servo to the jetson xavier nx via a ppm cable and control it. How best can i go about this? anyone tried this? Thanks.

Maybe this can help?

thank you very much. this indeed is helpful. But cant i just bypass the breakout board? I only wish to control one servo for now. So connecting Checking the xavier nx documentation, I see some pins like [2 and 4] providing up to 5vdc of power and ground. So what configuration changes and precautions do you suggest i take and look out for in order to directly connect the servo ppm to one of the i2c, power, ground pins for my app? Again thanks. I got a starting point at least.

hello user86373,

here’s expansion header you may check for setting up pin connections,


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I will try connecting directly to pwm pins then. thanks.

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