Device doesn't boot without USB-C connected

Hello everyone,

One of our Xavier does not boot. The device only boots when a USB-C cable is connected to a PC or power supply. Unfortunately, a new installation of the latest JetPack did not help. Does anyone know the behavior?

Thanks in advance.


I am a little confused here. Are you saying that your board can only be “powered on” when you connect type C as power supply? or you mean you are still using power adapter but you also need a type C to make it boot?

Thank you for your answer. Your last assumption is correct.

  1. power supply is connected
  2. i press the on button
  3. nothing happens.
  4. i connect the USB-C cable to the Xavier and to the HOST.
  5. i press the on button
  6. the Xavier boots.


Does your “nothing happen” mean even the LED on the board is not light up?

Correct. Should i do a video for you? :)


What is the power supply spec your adapter is? It sounds like insufficient power.

Jetson AGX can be powered by either type C or the power jack.

19.0 DCV, 4.74A

i will try another one later.


still same problem. changed power supply. i attach two videos for you with the problem showing.

EDIT: you have to click on the 3 dots to download the video. Chrome cannot play .MOV files.

Weird. The situation is not as what I expected.

My previous comment was the power supply is totally from type C usb but not the power jack.

and i already reflashed the device.

is there any header pin which can set this behaviour? Otherwise: Hardware-Issue? How is the procedure for warranty in germany?

Only one of your Xavier boards has such issue, right? It looks like the DC power rail has some issue. You can refer to the carrier board P2822 schematic in DLC to do further debug, or you can apply RMA for it as it looks like a hardware defect.

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