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Hello! I have a problem: the L4T Kernel Sources in the Embedded Download whether are been tested? If they are been tested, how to do? We need a camera now. Where can provide the OV23850 and OV13860 with camera module, and provide data and chips? How can i get the information about OV23850 and OV13860? Thanks!

Basically, the camera drivers integrated into L4T kernel source should already be validated on the reference camera module boards or customized camera module boards.
What kinds of information do you need regarding those cameras?

We need the sensor products such as OV23850 or OV13860. Please provide detailed technical data sheet, sample schematics, as well as how and where to obtain these vision sensors or sensor modules. For optimal performance we intend to develop the vision modules oursevles with CSI MIPI interface to our customized processing board based on NVidia TX1.

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Hi hzq,

Please contact with camera module vendor directly to get the technical data sheet, sample schematics and etc.

What kind of development board i need if i want to test imx117, imx135, ov13850, ov1386 or ov23850? Need to be customized development board? What’s the difference between imx117 and imx135? Thanks!

Hi hzq,

Here are some suggestions,

  1. In order to save development effort and time, you can contact with camera module vendor directly and check if there is any existing camera kit that match your intention, such as Econ or leopard imaging
  2. If no available solution in the market, you can design the module by yourself,
  • HW design - refer to camera module sch and layout from
  • SW sensor bring-up -refer to the "Video for Linux User Guide" chapter in the release document
  • 3. As to the difference between the sensors, please contact sensor vendor, such as sony or ovt.

    ok, it is wonderful! Thank you very much.