device drivers for a dual-boot system?

Hi All,
I’m working on a Windows7/Ubuntu14 dual-boot system. I’ve got a GFX460 running fine on the windows side, for the bit of gaming I occasionally do. I want to do CUDA stuff on the Linux side. Do I need to use a different driver for the 460 when I switch from Windows to Linux? If so, how do I manage that? thnx!!!

Yes, you need a different driver. Your dual-boot system when loading windows has a completely different environment than when loading linux. Load whichever driver you wish in the windows environment, and load an appropriate GPU linux driver in the linux environment.

Great, thanks! I’m not certain about how to control which driver loads. As far as I know, when I boot windows, the windows version of the driver is automatically selected. If I install the Linux version of the driver onto the Ubuntu partition, will it automatically be selected when I boot Linux? Or do I have to explicitly cause this to happen? If so, how? Sorry about being so ignorant, I’m having difficulty figuring out what to read I order to educate myself about these things.

You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

Boot into windows. Then install the nvidia windows driver.

Then power down and boot into linux. Then install the nvidia linux driver.

done. There is nothing else you need to do, there is no interaction between the two environments.

Super, thanks! Happy Independence Day! /kletus

i tried dual booting back track and Gnack track on my lap top and it wont take the GUI and keeps giving me an error