__device__ function return value on host


I was trying to optimize my code by trying to do as much computation (even the smaller for and if loops) on to device.

So Essentially i have device function which returns a bool value (stating success or fail) and is called within the global function…As I cant do a print f on the device ,is it feasible to copy the return value of the device function.

Here is the skeleton of the code :


device bool checkcriterion()

global kernel_func
bool status;
some array processing logic;
status = checkcriterion; // device function called within kernel function


if status =1 pass

Also ,would like to know if its a feasible approach.

Thanks much in advance.

You need to pass ‘status’ to the kernel function as a device pointer. If you have a device which can map pinned memory to device memory, then I would do that for such small values.

you can only pass “status” as a device pointer and use atomic functions.