Device not detected on i2c bus 0 on tx1

I am having custom board, with i2c device connected over I2C_GP0_DAT(GEN1_I2C_SDA) and CLK on the same i2c.
So it should be on /dev/i2c-0 i.e. i2c bus 0.
Is my assumption correct?
I have also added new sub node under dtsi file for i2c node i2c@7000c000 as i want to load appropriate driver for i2c chip.
Is adding sub node under i2c@7000c000 correct for device on i2c bus 0?
But i could not see device when i run i2cdetect -y -r 0
What could be the reason for device not being able to detect on i2c bus 0?
I am using rel 24.2.1 of Tegra kernel.


You should probe the i2c bus first. It could be the device didn’t ack.

Hi ShaneCCC,

I could probe SDA and SCL lines, i could see waveform that means data getting transmitted on those lines. Not sure about ack received or not.


If you can see something on the waveform that means host send the command. I think it could be the device did ack. You should check the device is working well.