Device tree configuration---imx258

I’m debugging the imx258 module.

I want to know what “pix_clk_hz” and “mclk_multiplier” in the device tree are calculated from.

mclk_multiplier = desired ISP clock frequency / mclk.

What is the “desired ISP clock frequency” in the formula?and how to configure “pix_clk_hz”?

hello 1132098668,

pix_clk_hz specifies the sensor pixel clock for calculating the exposure, frame rate, and so forth.
in generally, pixel_clk_hz / mclk = mclk_multiplier
you should check the sensor specification to understand the correct settings and configure the driver and device tree.
however, we’re already plan to deprecated mclk_multiplier property. you may also refer to Release-32.1 Sensor Driver Programming Guide for more details.