Device tree

I want to add my device to the device tree,anyone know the dts and dtb file location?And is there DTC compiler in L4T?

You can download the source code in each L4T archive.

I have download,but i don’t know the location.By the way,I want to write GPIO interrupt driver,but I don’t konw how to write,i don’t know how to operate regitster.Is there any samples?

Please refer to the kernel customization section.

The kernel source always has this in it, and it would be produced when building the “dtbs” target. However, there is also a version available as a package. You could install like this:
sudo apt-get install device-tree-compiler

On a Jetson there are two possible locations for the actual tree. One is somewhere in “/boot”, as pointed at by an “FDT” key/value pair in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”. The other is in a partition, where it would have had to have been added after signing. If the file version named in extlinux.conf is found, then that one is used; if not, then the partition version is used. If security fuses were burned, then only the partition version would be accepted.

Typically you’d experiment and use just a file in “/boot” somewhere, naming it in the extlinux.conf with the above mentioned FDT entry. For something more important you can dig into flash docs and find out how to have the partition updated with the new tree.